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A mixture of traditional Country and new songs, the album was recorded at Funhouse Studios on Music Row in Nashville, and the producer is my good friend Ernie Rowell. The studio engineer is Rodney Ingle and the team is finished off with a bunch of top-class musicians
Friends & Heroes - Colin Gordon Farleigh
It's All Because Of You - Various
01. He Will Stand By Me - Billy Keeble 02. Wings Upon The Wind - Dick Damron 03. Momma Knew How To Pray - Gary McCray 04. Standing On The Promises - Ernie Rowell 05. The Armour Of The Lord - Chuck Longmayne 06. On My Way Home - Billy Keeble 07. Jesus It’s Me Again - Dick Damron 08. The Prophet - Gary McCray 09. Standing Room Only In Heaven - Ernie Rowell 10. Walking With Jesus - Chuck Longmayne 11. Crossing Over Jordan - Colin Gordon-Farleigh
Second Chances - Colin Gordon-Farleigh
12 great Bluegrass tracks for you to enjoy, some of them old and some of them new, but all them memorable. . Lots of great songs on it, from songs made famous by Carl Smith to a whole raft of new tracks. I have included three tracks written by myself, 'We All Need Our Heroes'; 'I Wish Love Hadn't Taught Me How To Cry' and 'If You Ever Go Away', plus a song written recently with Jimmy Payne called 'No Regrets'. I was pleased to have a couple of songs from Terry Doyle Stephenson of Texas, which he wrote with Ronny McCown, 'Ice In My Glass' and 'Have We Been As Far In Love (As We Really Need To Go).
Second Chances - Colin Gordon-Farleigh

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